5 Music Production Tips For Beginners: Things You Should Know For Audio Editing 2022

The music production tips provided below contain practical and psychological suggestions.

Trust Your Taste

So, my first music production tip and most important would be to trust your taste. Don’t second guess yourself, respect your talent over other people’s wack opinions. You are doing this for yourself. Respect your own judgment and the game will respect you!

Also, remember that your talent makes the music, not, the production gear. Even with the worst gear on the planet, a good producer with just decent gear will manage to produce quality results consistently. Expensive gear won’t make you better, hard work every day is what takes you to the next level when producing music. So, learn to use the gear you have.

Save Your Tracks Constantly

Develop the habit of saving your tracks!! It sucks to create the perfect mix then your laptop crashes and you realize the last half-hour of music production has vanished into a black hole where all non-saved tracks dwell. Moreover, develop a safe habit into a compulsion, you may find yourself hitting the save button even while on Facebook! Don’t Get Caught in the Details of Mastering a Track.

Keep Music Production Stages Separate

Keeping these processes separate is crucial to creating good sustainable music:

  • Creation StageThis is where you go nuts on a track, be as creative as you can be with sound design, samples, structural elements, and experimental sonic textures. Don’t worry about how the sounds are meshing, focus on the general thematic and structural elements of the track.
  • Mixing Stage: After you’ve finished your track, give it a couple of hours, or even a couple of days to marinate in your ear. There are many different techniques to mixing, but your main focus should be 3 things: levels, EQ, and compression. If you master these components, you will be recording in no time.
  • Mastering: If you’re mastering your own track, (don’t do for important releases but its OK for a quick edit or club track), then repeat the steps before mixing, but bounce the song, so you don’t find yourself adjusting the mix and the mastering at the same time.

Try to follow this music audio tip. Don’t try to emulate a certain sound, aim for pure expressivity, it might seem hard to do at first but it’s a better way of channeling your inspiration without your work sounding too derivative.

Never A/B During the Creative Process.

The result of continuous A/Bing is a heightened awareness of the flaws of your track which can leave you disillusioned and uninterested. Moreover, when A/Bing mixing, drag the volume of the comparison track until it’s equal to the peak of your track even during the mixing stage.

Don’t keep referencing a track even if the two are at the same volumes, they might not have the same loudness. Loudness is influential in terms of YOUR perception of quality. Furthermore, listening to an incredibly loud studio track versus your unmastered mix will distort your perception of your mix in general. Moreover, many producers get discouraged, or waste time tweaking their track for the reason mentioned above.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff And Keep Pushing

It’s a problem that new producers end up emulating their favourite producers when they hit a wall.

It’s totally natural to find yourself hitting a writing wall. No producer has an endless supply of wisdom and creativity to pour on tracks at will. The best thing I do is try to remember why I started making the song in the first place. It’s easy to get swept up in market saturation and think that you constantly have to be innovating. But in all actuality, you’re better off doing something that you enjoy these music production tips will save time!

These music audio tips are important for you to put into practice. Follow these music production tips and you’ll be shocked at how easy it can be to make good, high-quality music.

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