Nessie USB Microphone Review 2021

As podcasting, vlogging, and in-house music productions become more common; the demand for a good USB microphone for a cheap rate has increased. Nessie from Blue Microphones is a new addition to this category.


  • Clear, balanced sound.
  • Efficient workflow.
  • Classic looking design.


  • Noise issue at higher input levels.
  • Doesn’t work well for close-up voice work.

Editor Rating


Is the new microphone from Blues suitable for in house studios?

The Nessie USB microphone is made of plastic with the exception of its metal base. It has a classical look to it with a sleek, silver matt finished neck and a serpentine head. Nessie has three recording modes comprising of voice, music and one for raw recording mode which enables the user to do post-production editing manually. For the first two modes Nessie itself processes the input by applying post production features. It has a built-in pop filter and internal shockmouth to decrease any unwanted noise and vibrations. Moreover it includes EQ, de-esser and level control resulting in a refined audio output in real time.

It connects seamlessly with a Mac or Windows computer via the mini USB. Nessie also features a “Headphone Volume” ring which adjusts the monitoring volume of the audio going into the headphones. This real time feature is important for recording vocals as well as instrumentals. However turning the knob quickly will cause some distortion so it is recommended that if you choose to adjust the volume while recording, turn it very slowly.

Another added feature of the Nessie USB microphone is the Instant Mute button on the front which allows the user to immediately kill the input to the microphone. As this is a touch enabled button instead of the standard push button, it might cause the user to accidentally mute the recording. The microphone’s head is mobile and can be extended for optimal positioning.

Most importantly in terms of sound results, Nessie does reduce any unwanted noise as it promises and gives a high quality output. Its value added features make it worth the price. And for those with an average budget it is a favourable choice for a home studio USB microphone.

The Blue Nessie is a mic that fills a need and does it well.

If you’re expecting a cheap karaoke mic type of sound, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m no audiophile to be sure, but the Nessie seemed to have a full, rich sound.

If you’re not concerned about what the mic is made of, and want to take a chance on the Serpentine Neck’s functionality, then the Nessie is a great steal at the price.

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