Pioneer SE-MJ71-S Steel Wheels Headphones Review 2022

Despite the fact that the Pioneer SE-MJ71-S headphones by Steel Wheels are attractive with their silver aluminium finish, there are some concerns with some sounds, not to mention the short and fragile wire. Those who are serious about their headphones would undoubtedly find them to be insufficient, but for the rest of us, they are acceptable.

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✅ Best Pioneer DJ-Inspired SE-MJ71-S Steel Wheels Headphones

Love these headphones – Very lightweight, easily portable, good sound quality. Great deal for the price.


  • Affordable, has a folding frame making it portable.


  • Short cord, uncomfortable ear cups.

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Pioneer DJ-Inspired SE-MJ71-S Steel Wheels Headphones

In addition to being ultra-lightweight and equipped with sound-isolating ear cushions, the Steel Wheels headphones are a great deal more affordable than you would imagine given their asking price. Because of their tiny folding form, these headphones are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and be taken wherever you choose. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about tangled wires as you do with earbuds, which may be a concern when travelling with a pair of headphones.

The Pioneer SE-MJ71-S is equipped with a pair of robust 40 mm speakers that can tolerate 1,200 mW of input power, according to the manufacturer. Even better, because of the high 105 dB sensitivity rating, they are incredibly efficient in terms of using energy and delivering an accurate sound. A gold-plated mini-plug and a high-quality OFC Litz wire that is much too short may create a secure connection between your MP3 player and the rest of your electronics.

Customer reports indicate that the sound-isolating ear cups are effective in preventing sound leakage in 60 percent of cases. Purchasers have previously complained that they are excessively tiny and may be quite unpleasant, resulting in discomfort after just 30 minutes of use.

A simple summary would be that these headphones are good value for money, but if you want something that is 100 percent trustworthy, you should spend a little more money on something a little more costly. If this is not the case, you will be fortunate if these headphones live more than a calendar year. If you are still unsure about which headphones to purchase, we recommend that you read some of our other reviews.

These Pioneer SE-MJ71-S headphones headphones will pinch your head. The cups are tiny and after half an hour of my ears being crushed I took them off. They sound ok but not worth the pain.

Pioneer SE-MJ71-S headphones is absolutely quality all the way. We’ve been looking for headphones for a long time before settling on the Pioneer. We knew it would be a ‘sure bet’. Never a problem with anything from Pioneer.

I use these for playing games and watching videos on the go. Its pretty good I however and not an audiophile and probably not the best judge.

For almost a year, I enjoyed these except for the short cord. But two days ago, a tiny cheap plastic part holding one of the cups to the headband broke. I’ve concluded that it’s worth the extra bucks to move up to a more solidly built product.

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