Powerful Sounding Subwoofer: Q Acoustics 2070Si Review 2022

Q Acoustics is an independent British company established in 2006 which manufactures loudspeakers. They are known to design and produce high-quality speakers at a very affordable rate. Their range of products has had outstanding success and has a genuine appealing sound.  The Q Acoustics 2070Si subwoofer has been designed to match the award-winning 2000i series; hence reviewers and users alike had high hopes for this piece.


  • Affordable price.
  • Good bass extension.


  • Might experience a loud humming noise in that case the subwoofer will have to be changed or replaced.

Editor Rating


Need An Affordable Subwoofer Which Matches The Expensive Standards?

The Q Acoustics 2070Si has two 17cm drivers, each driven by a highly efficient mono class D amplifier. It has a power output of 140 watts, enabling it to produce powerful songs. With the improvements from its previous award-winning versions which include a 25mm tweeter, new crossovers, and a different cone material; carbon fiber and ceramic coated paper cone, its bass extension is precise and highly effective. Weighing about 15kgs, the 2070Si is available in a tall, slender design in black, walnut, gloss white, or black.

As a part of the new ‘i’ range, this speaker is a fully Digital Signal Processing (DSP) driven system that ensures highly optimized sound results. It is rare for a subwoofer of this price range to offer this feature. The Q Acoustics 2070Si Subwoofer features power, volume, and crossover control. The crossover control allows the subwoofer to alter its frequency response (50 Hz – 150 Hz) and optimizes it to function with ported speakers like the Q Acoustic range or other models.

The 2070Si has a 2 years warranty which can be redeemed at any authorized Q Acoustics retailer. With its precise bass extension, the new Q Acoustics 2070Si is a valuable addition to a home theatre system as well as two-channel music. The device can be used with Q Acoustic 2010i, Q Acoustics 2020i, Q Acoustics 2050i, Q Acoustics 2000Ci, or any other high-quality speakers.

2070Si is a powerful subwoofer which will add extra low-frequency weight to your movies and music, making them hugely entertaining and more realistic.

Well made and sounds perfect. doesnt exaggerate any part of the frequency range.

Best Q Accoustic sonic performance ever.

Completed my home cinema system with the superb Q Acoustics 2070Si subwoofer and really felt the difference in both films and music.

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