Promethean P3115 Review 2022: One of the Best Bass Combo Amps

Ibanez is regarded for making some of the greatest bass combo amplifiers available. The P3115 amp is a 300-watt addition to their Promethean combo line. The Promethean P3115 is a professional bass combo amp that is meant to be transported and set up by live artists.

Ibanez seeks to cater to live artists with its strong 15-inch speaker, which emphasises its loud output. It has a Class-D power amplifier and eliminates unnecessary high frequency. It also features an AUX input for use with a combination CD player or MP3 player.


  • Easy To Use,
  • Excellent Sound,
  • Good Warmth,
  • Portable,
  • Powerful,
  • Great Value


  • The sealed cabinet (no ports) is the limiting factor here, the speaker used is rather light duty for a 300W amp

Editor Rating


Bass Amp For Live Performers

The Ibanez Promethean’s price is fair considering the capabilities it provides. Despite its size, it is a rather compact combo that is easy to transport. Following the Promethean norm, the P3115 is also rather appealing and reasonably decent-looking in compared to other amps of its type. Ibanez amplifiers are known for their ability to produce a loud, strong, and yet pleasing meaty sound. As a result, it’s no wonder that the P3115 delivers a nice, deep tone.

The sonic range can be a bit of a constraint for louder bands, despite its diverse tone. When jamming with noisier co-players, you may need to turn it up to 11. Apart from that, there isn’t much to dislike about this product; it compensates for its lack of range with clarity and depth in the bottom sound. P3115’s sound has an old-school vibe to it, giving it a distinct flavour. The Class-D amplifier provides consistent quality and performance. The high output and cutting-edge features make it easier to adapt during live shows. P3115 is universally regarded as a compact that is well worth the money. If you’re a musician who spends more time on stage than in the studio and needs a reliable workhorse, this small is a good choice.

Having played with my Hartke lh 500 which is very good I found this Ibanez Promethean 300 head I had to change my amp because this new amp is so small and nice. I say it will push all the watts it promises. I know because I have used it on my gospel gigs.

I am pleased with its overall tone. Not muffled, and capture the full bass range well.

Very impressed with this amp. Light, compact, big low end and great mid’s. Plus at a value price. I’ve owned several new age, lighter weight compacts (G-K, Eden) but this amp exceeds them in all respects, IMO.

Got more that I really expected. I have owned other smaller compact, lightweight bass combos. This is the best.

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