Q Acoustics 2000i Series Review: Best Affordable Speakers 2022?

Q Acoustics is a one-of-a-kind UK brand that specialises in audio products. Rather of going the traditional path of designing and manufacturing high-quality goods at prices that are attainable only to a select few, Q Acoustics set out on a mission to provide high-end speakers to the public at an affordable price. The audio devices produced by the firm feature a variety of installation choices and contemporary styles without sacrificing on top-notch quality and sound quality. It was stated that the 2000i series is Q Acoustics’ “greatest ever range” since it is an upgraded version of the previous 2000 series. The 2010i and 2020i bookshelf speakers, the 2050i floor standing speakers, the 2000Ci centre speaker, and the 2070Si subwoofer, all of which have been previously reviewed, are all part of the line.

The Q Acoustics 2010i bookshelf speakers have dimensions of 23cm x 20cm x 15cm, which makes them a medium-sized speaker. Because of the 10cm bass unit, it provides an excellent bass response as well as crystal clear audio output. They are a fantastic alternative for stereo speakers or as a component in the construction of a low-cost home theatre system.

Another addition to this lineup is the Q Acoustics 2020i bookshelf speakers, which are somewhat bigger than the 2010i’s medium-sized counterpart. Their 12.5cm woofer provides them with deeper depth and a better amount of bass response than other speakers. It is very capable of handling all types of music, with a particular emphasis on low frequencies. The 2020i headphones, which retail for £165, are hard to match for the combination of sound quality and pricing.

The 2050i floor standing speakers are the only models available in this range that are designed specifically for floor standing use. It has the usual tweeter as well as a pair of 16.5 bass units housed in a structure that is more than a metre tall. They provide a strong bass extension, as well as an open midrange and detailed high frequency response. The vocals and instruments can both be clearly heard, as can the rest of the music.

The 2000Ci centre speaker employs the same tweeter as the 2000Ci surround speaker as well as two 10cm bass units. It offers a smooth treble response, as well as well-defined sound stage effects, and it is quite affordable. Finally, the 2070Si subwoofer, which has a 140 watt amplifier and two 17cm woofers, completes the set. It provides accurate bass expansion as well as a satisfying home theatre experience.

Incorporated elements of the improved design for the 2000i series include a 25mm tweeter that is fitted into the baffle using a super-decoupling technology to ensure that the woofer’s vibrations do not interfere with the tweeter’s operation. Carbon fibre and ceramic-coated paper have been employed as cone materials in the bass and mid-range units, in place of the paper/mica combination formerly used. Consequently, treble and openness in the woofer’s sound are enhanced. In order to eliminate undesired noise, the crossovers are also adjusted to account for the modifications.

Instead of projecting from the back of the speakers, the connection system features terminals that are housed in a recessed panel on the bottom of the cabinet of the speakers. As a result, Q Acoustics 2000WB wall brackets may be used to attach the speakers, making it easier for the user to install them. The 2000ST stand, which is particularly developed for the 2000i series speakers and ensures a secure fit, provides an alternative for individuals who do not like to attach the speakers themselves. The location of the devices has been criticised by several consumers who did not purchase the stand or wall mount that was included with the bookshelf speakers.

When listening to music of all genres or watching exciting movies, the new design offers clear, strong sound. To begin, all of the audio devices are available in the usual graphite and walnut hues with a vinyl finish; however, a gloss finish is also available in black and white for an additional cost. In 2012 and 2013, the redesigned 2000i series received ‘What hi-fi sound’ honours for its floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, and the full package as a whole.

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