Q Acoustics 2000i Series Review: Best Affordable Speakers 2022?

Q Acoustics is a unique UK brand that produces audio devices. Rather than taking the standard route to design and manufacture top-quality products for rates that are reasonable for only some, Q Acoustics embarked on a mission of delivering high-end speakers to the masses at affordable rates. The company’s audio devices have flexible installation options and modern designs without compromising in terms of top-notch quality and sound. The 2000i series is an improved version of the 2000 series and was announced as Q Acoustics ‘best ever range’. The range comprises 2010i and 2020i bookshelf speakers, the 2050i floor standing speakers, the 2000Ci center speaker, and the 2070Si subwoofer as previously reviewed.

The Q Acoustics 2010i bookshelf speakers are medium-sized speakers with dimensions 23cm x 20cm x 15cm. It has a 10cm bass unit and produces a good bass response with crystal clear audio output. They are an excellent choice for stereo speakers or to build up to an inexpensive home theatre system.

Another addition to this range is the Q Acoustics 2020i bookshelf speakers which are larger than the medium-sized 2010i. They have a 12.5cm woofer hence have more depth and higher level bass response. It can handle all kinds of music very well and especially low frequencies. Available for £165 the 2020i are tough to beat for the sound quality and price they offer.

The 2050i floor standing speakers are the only model available for floor standing speakers in this range. It features the standard tweeter and a couple of 16.5 bass units in a more than a meter tall structure. They deliver solid bass extension with open midrange and detailed high frequencies. The vocals and instruments both can be heard with clarity.

2000Ci centre speaker uses the same tweeter and two 10cm bass units. It has a smooth treble response and well-defined sound stage effects.  Lastly the 2070Si subwoofer completes the package which uses a 140 watts amplifier and two 17cm woofers.  It gives precise bass extension and a fulfilling home theatre sound.

The integrated features of the upgraded design for the 2000i series include a 25mm tweeter mounted into the baffle using a super-decoupling technique so that the woofer’s vibrations do not hamper its function. A new cone material has been used to the bass/mid units replacing the paper/mica mix with carbon fiber and ceramic-coated paper. This allows improved treble and open sound from the woofer. The crossovers are also modified to accommodate these changes to cancel unwanted noise.

The connection system has terminals located in a recessed panel on the bottom of the cabinet of the speakers instead of protruding from the back. This makes it convenient for the user to mount the speakers using 2000WB wall brackets offered by Q Acoustics. However, those who do not prefer to mount the speakers can use the 2000ST stand which is specifically designed for the 2000i series speakers for a snug fit. On the other hand many users who have not bought the stand or wall bracket with the bookshelf speakers have complained about the positioning of the devices.

The new design produces crisp, solid sound with all types of genres and thrilling movies. All the audio devices are available in standard graphite and walnut colors with a vinyl finish and with a gloss finish are available in black and white with a surcharge. The improved 2000i series has won ‘What hi-fi sound’ awards for its floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers as well as the entire package in 2012 and 2013.

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