Q Acoustics 2020i Bookshelf Speakers Review 2022

The Britain based brand Q Acoustics created the 2020i with two aims in mind; the product should not only sound good but also look good. Our Q Acoustics 2020i speakers review is for this award-winning bookshelf speaker which produces great sound for an exceptional price.

These stand-mount speakers are perfect for their size and best fit for hi-fi lovers. Sitting in a 26 cm high and 17 cm wide shelf box, the 12-cm woofer produces exceptional sound with immense clarity. They are comfortable, portable, and really bring the sound to life filling up the entire room with it.


  • Value for money, Loud sound with clarity, Durable body.


  • None that made it to the news.

Editor Rating


Compact Shelf Speakers That Rock!

The Q Acoustics 2020i has a beautiful finish on its body. The low resonance cabinet produces extended bass and has an open mid-range. The sound produced has a great transitory response, crisp bass, and clarity on higher frequencies. The 2020i, although very compact, produces deep bass to provide clean and precise listening in a room. Middle and high registers are balanced in proportion to the rest of the sound spectrum thus the reproduction of vocals fits in very well. The sound produced fits well for a variety of listeners, be it Rock, Classical, or Pop music fans.

For this price and quality, there isn’t much to complain about. They last a good length of time and there haven’t been any complaints about the sound from woofers tearing apart after playing loud music for a long time. The Q Acoustics 2020i compact shelf speakers not only look but also have much to offer. Decorated in a high gloss finish, this exceptional sounding pair is very reasonably priced and definitely does not stand on a level with its competitors. Definitely worth the price and a preferable pick amongst the rest in that range.

Crystal clear, great staging and loud enough to make your ears bleed. I bought these as part of a desk top system for my office but they are way more than I need. I am going to move them into a bigger room where they can can really shine. Calling them bookshelf speakers doesn’t convey their ability.

I am using these as rear speakers in a half-baked surround sound set up with some older EPOS M5s in front which, from memory, were about twice the price five years ago as this pair of 2020i. I have no dedicated centre speaker yet.

I bought these speakers on the strength of expert and customer reviews. I was a bit nervous having not auditioned them first but wasn’t disappointed.

I wanted a pair of bookshelf speakers with great bass and treble sound. These fit the bill exactly. I am very pleased with them they go well with my Cambridge audio set up

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