Q Acoustics 2020i Bookshelf Speakers Review 2022

Q Acoustics, located in the United Kingdom, designed the 2020i with two objectives in mind: the product should not only sound amazing, but it should also look beautiful. A review of the Q Acoustics 2020i bookshelf speakers, which is an award-winning bookshelf speaker that offers excellent sound at an extremely reasonable price.

These stand-mount speakers are ideal for hi-fi enthusiasts due to their small size and excellent sound quality. In its 26 cm high and 17 cm wide shelf box, the 12-cm woofer offers remarkable sound quality with incredible clarity and separation. Their convenience and portability make them an excellent choice, and they truly bring the music to life, filling the whole space with it.


  • Value for money, Loud sound with clarity, Durable body.


  • None that made it to the news.

Editor Rating


Compact Shelf Speakers That Rock!

The body of the Q Acoustics 2020i has a lovely finish that complements its design. Because of its low resonance, the cabinet delivers prolonged bass while maintaining an open mid-range. High-frequency clarity is achieved with the use of a good transient response, sharp bass, and clarity at lower frequencies. The 2020i, despite its small size, generates powerful bass that is both clean and accurate when played in a room with other people. Due to the fact that the middle and high registers are balanced in relation to the rest of the sound spectrum, the reproduction of voices is very natural. The sound created is suitable for a wide range of listeners, including those who like Rock, Classical, and Pop music.

There isn’t much to complain about when the pricing and quality are this good. Despite the fact that they are built to survive for a long time, there haven’t been any complaints about their sound falling apart after playing loud music for a long period of time. The Q Acoustics 2020i tiny shelf speakers are not only attractive to look at, but they also have a lot to offer in terms of functionality. This superb sounding pair, which is finished in a high gloss finish, is quite cheaply priced and does not compete on price with its rivals. Definitely a good value for the money, and a better option than the others in that price range.

Crystal clear, great staging and loud enough to make your ears bleed. I bought these as part of a desk top system for my office but they are way more than I need. I am going to move them into a bigger room where they can can really shine. Calling them bookshelf speakers doesn’t convey their ability.

I am using these as rear speakers in a half-baked surround sound set up with some older EPOS M5s in front which, from memory, were about twice the price five years ago as this pair of 2020i. I have no dedicated centre speaker yet.

I bought these speakers on the strength of expert and customer reviews. I was a bit nervous having not auditioned them first but wasn’t disappointed.

I wanted a pair of bookshelf speakers with great bass and treble sound. These fit the bill exactly. I am very pleased with them they go well with my Cambridge audio set up

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