Q Acoustics 5.1 2000i Cinema Pack Review 2022: A Budget Speaker Set For Your Home Studio

Q Acoustics is well-known for producing low-cost but high-quality acoustic devices. The UK firm has had a lot of success with their 2000i series, which is an improved and upgraded version of the older 2000 series. Two pairs of 2010i bookshelf speakers, a 2000Ci centre speaker, and a 2070Si subwoofer comprise the 2000i Cinema Pack. The combination produces a powerful 5.1 surround sound fit for a home theatre system.


  • Good solid 5.1 surround sound.
  • Very cheap.
  • High built quality and performance.


  • The wiring might prove to be an issue if the speakers are used without the wall bracket or stands.

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Is It Possible To Achieve 5.1 Sound At Such A Cheap Price?

The speakers have a high quality build and a sleek fit and finish. They are available in graphite and walnut vinyl finishes, as well as black and white piano gloss finishes. The black piano gloss finish is the most popular among users because it matches the majority of television sets.

The Q Acoustics 5.1 2000i Cinema Pack four bookshelf units (2010i) produce excellent full sound with good range and no distortion from the mid-bass to the high treble. The bass begins to sound out of range at high frequencies due to the compact speakers, but this is when the subwoofer (2070Si) takes over to deliver a full-range stereo image. It has two 17cm drivers, each powered by a class D power amplifier. The subwoofer provides the necessary bass extension to enhance the enjoyment and realism of movies.

The enhancements to the 2000i system are noteworthy. Most amplifiers benefit from the soft dome 22 mm tweeters. It is also decoupled from the rest of the cabinet system to allow for maximum noise cancellation. Users have found this to be an excellent addition for such a low cost. The Q Acoustics 2000Ci centre speaker is ideal for use with bookshelf speakers to produce 5.1 sound. It is best placed beneath the television set, but it can also be mounted above the television using wall brackets.

The Q Acoustics 5.1 Cinema Pack has won numerous hi-fi awards and is widely regarded as Q Acoustics’ best-ever range. There are few flaws in the system. The end result is a larger soundstage, impressive sonic performance, and very appealing value for money.

Q Acoustics 2000i Cinema is a must-hear for anyone who wants an attractive and affordable 5.1 system

Few rivals sound so composed and detailed yet – thanks to a beautifully judged and refined balance – remain so unfussy about partnering equipment

The substantial sonic advances delivered by the new Q Acoustics 2000i Series loudspeakers are the fruit of extensive scientific research.

Based on the multi-award winning 2000i-series, the Q Acoustics 2000Ci can’t fail to impress!

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