Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 vs 2000i 5.1 Cinema Pack: A Review Comparison In 2022

The UK brand Q Acoustics is famous for offering their audio devices with high built quality and innovative designs at very affordable rates. The two 5.1 cinema packs from Q Acoustics are 2000i 5.1 Cinema Pack released in September 2011 and 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack released in October 2013. Let’s take a look at both the Q Acoustics cinema packs and decide who gets to be the winner from the two.

The Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 Cinema Pack consists of two pairs of 2010i bookshelf speakers, 2000Ci centre speaker and a 2070Si subwoofer.  The speakers have a stylish design and high quality built. They are available in graphite and walnut colours in vinyl finish, as well as black and white in piano gloss finish. The Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 Cinema Pack’s four bookshelf units (2010i) produce excellent full sound, good range without any distortion in mid bass up to high treble. Due to being compact the bass starts to sound out of range at high frequencies but that is where the subwoofer (2070Si) comes in to deliver full range stereo image. The 2070Si subwoofer has two 17cm drivers each of which is driven by a class D power amplifier. It adds the required bass extension to make movies more enjoyable and realistic.

The additions to the 2000i system are worth appreciating. The soft dome 22 mm tweeters are ideal for most amplifiers. It is also decoupled from the rest of the cabinet system for high noise cancellation. Users have found this to be a great addition at such a low budget. The centre speaker works with the other units perfectly and can be placed according to the users requirements. The Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 Cinema Pack has won various what hi-fi awards. The results are impressive and the idea of an affordable and attractive 5.1 system is very pleasing.

On the other hand 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack being Q Acoustics latest production has also bagged what hi-fi awards. It has a similar setup as the 2000i 5.1 Cinema Pack and comprises of two pairs of 7000iLR satellite speakers, one 7000iC centre speaker and a 7000iS subwoofer. The satellite speakers are small in size yet equal most speakers in terms of dynamics and sound. The new bass driver units and crossovers improve the 7000i series devices’ performance. Improved woofers use light weight paper coated cones with ultra-long throw resulting in rich audio quality. The treble is upgraded by using new ‘Ring Radiator’ units giving the Q7000i refined 5.1 surround sound.

The subwoofer supports the speakers flawlessly. By pairing a well-integrated 200mm High Excursion bass unit with 150 watts Class D amplifier it delivers exceptionally controlled and well detailed bass effect resulting in better performance than the 2000i series 2070Si subwoofer. The subwoofer and loud speakers feature adjustable frequency, volume and phase controls and offer variable installation options according to the users’ requirement and room dimensions.

7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack comes with a sleek modern look, available in colours of black and white it speaks of class and high built quality. Black being more in demand as it matches latest gadgets and television sets. The speakers offer a smooth cylindrical shape, breaking the monotony of boxed shaped speakers. Concealed terminals and discrete cable settings also add to the impressive finish of the devices. Any flaws in 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack sonically or design wise are yet to be found.

The 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack has the latest technology integrated speakers with a very stylish design and finish. They are definitely worth the money and our recommendation from the Q Acoustics cinema packages that are available.

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