Q Acoustics Presents 7070si Series 8 Inch Subwoofer Review 2022

The 7000i series by Q Acoustics has been reported to have improved the products by leaps and bounds. The 7070Si Series 8 Inch Subwoofer from the UK company is a compact subwoofer from the 7000i series and complements the hi-fi satellite speakers performance-wise as well as aesthetically.

Q Acoustics 7000i series has proved to be a great addition to a home entertainment system.


  • Impressive design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Great sound results.


  • None.

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7070si Subwoofer Is The Affordable Answer To Your Home Theatre

7070Si Series 8 Inch Subwoofer is tall, slim, and attractive. Rectangular in shape, it has well-rounded edges to give the aluminum cabinets a stylish finish. The outlook not only helps in enhancing its elegance but improves sound quality and range as well. 7070Si Subwoofer is available in black and white colors and weighs about 14kgs. It comprises a powerful 150W Class D amplifier and has a 200mm High Excursion bass driver which fires internally against a heavy, strong sounding board.

This surface then reflects the sounds evenly across the room via the sleek subwoofer’s grills which are placed on the top and both sides of the gloss finished device. The 7070Si Subwoofer delivers exceptionally controlled and well-detailed bass sound, boasting a revolutionary design solution by the engineers at Q Acoustics.  It allows ease of placement within the room by offering wall mounting as well as floor standing options. Previously there was no mounting feature available for subwoofers.

The 7070Si Series 8 Inch Subwoofer is good value for money and beats many high-priced subwoofers in terms of performance and sound quality. The 7070Si Subwoofer is visually attractive as well as produces impressive sonic results. Combined with the satellite speakers it delivers an expansive sound field this is remarkable with music as well as audio. It has proved to be a great addition to a home entertainment system and the latest Q Acoustics 7000i series.

The new subwoofer is floor or wall mountable and also deceptively powerful, boasting an in-built 150 watt Class-D power amplifier.

The small and slim 7070Si subwoofer is revolutionary

There’s a 150-watt Class D amp inside, while the innovative design also allows the Q sub to be wall-mounted.

7070Si is capable of faithfully reproducing the speed and ‘twang’ of a double bass as it is the prolonged, earth moving rumble of a ‘block buster’ explosion.

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