Quality Gibson Acoustic Guitars: The Gibson Hummingbird Review 2022

The Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar was initially presented in 1960, and it has since become one of the most well recognised acoustic guitars created by the Gibson Guitar Corporation, earning it several awards. Gibson acoustic guitars are well-known for their excellent sound quality and construction, and the Hummingbird is no exception.

There are mahogany neck, back, and sides on this antique guitar, with a Sitka spruce top over a mahogany body. The characteristics of this guitar include a rosewood fingerboard, a 24-3/4-inch scale length, 22 frets, a dovetail neck joint, and a Tortoise Hummingbird pickguard, among other things. It contains a built-in tuner as well as a single volume controller that is simple to configure and is discreetly located in the soundhole.


  • Brilliant quality and intonation.
  • Well built and stays in tune.
  • Excellent sound results.


  • Very expensive.
  • Battery replacement might be a hassle.

Editor Rating


Is The Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar Worth The Money?

If you compare it to other guitars with the same characteristics, it has a deeper and more rich tone. The blues, country, and folk genres are most suited to the guitar’s soft velvety tone, which is best described as “warm and inviting.” It boasts a strong low-end response, a clear and articulate mid-range, and excellent highs, among other characteristics. Because it takes up a lot of bass on particular notes, the pickup may need to be adjusted from time to time. Those who love fingerpicking may discover that achieving a loud volume is somewhat to their disadvantage if they use a flat pick rather than bare flesh finger-picking to produce their music. The fit and quality are immaculate; but, according to reports, replacing the guitar’s battery may prove to be a nuisance due to the fact that half of the strings must be removed in order to do so. While travelling, the guitar is incredibly solid and maintains its tuning thanks to the durable case it is enclosed in.

The Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar is highly expensive, but it is well worth it for the high level of quality it provides. They may remain in excellent shape for more than fifty years if properly cared for. Because of this, it is fair to state that this guitar is a lifelong investment for artists that do not settle for mediocrity and only want the greatest quality available!

A timeless classic that has followed the same winning recipe for 50 years.

I absolutely LOVE the way it plays! Easy to finger and pretty easy to bend the strings for the “bluesy” stuff I do. The neck and fingerboard fit me like a glove.

This guitar out of the case Plays and sounds awesome, It’s the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever owned. I now have the ultimate acoustic guitar collection!

Despite its natural beauty and superb construction, this guitar is both a delight to hear and play with a clear and precise tone quality.

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