Sennheiser CX 175 Earphones Review 2021: Cheap Quality Essential That You Should Have

In this day and age there are many earphones you can look at; today I’m going to talk about the Sennheiser CX 175 earphones. They are quite attractive for the low price and if you don’t want bulky headphones hanging around your neck then these are a good idea. Out and about? you don’t necessarily want to be drawing attention to yourself. With brands like Dr. Dre Beats which are big, snazzy, and of high value, there’s the off chance you might get robbed or lose them. It’s not the end of the world if you lose these and will be a low costing replacement in comparison.

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✅ Best Sennheiser Cx 175 Street Line Headphones

LISTEN UP, MAN! – Perfect to use on long airline flights. These are excellent! Nice crisp treble and even booming bass from such small headphones! Super affordable.

Overall customers are impressed with the quality of these earphones, people of all ages use them and they are the best in the same price range.


Attractive, low value, sound isolating.


Ear Adaptors can become displaced causing frequency leakage.

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Sennheiser CX 175 Earphones

The Cx 175 earphones offer outstanding audio performance compared to any other earphones out there for this price. The only problem is the ear adapters. They do come in different sizes but will still be a problem for people with small ears and after a short period of time may fall out.

The cx 175s sound quality is great for the price and will definitely improve your audio experience in comparison to cheaper brands like SkullCandy. The silicon ear adapters improve noise isolation, sound quality, and bass and treble response. They prevent frequency leakage which could lower the initial sound quality by creating a vacuum, pressurizing the ear.

Be very careful with the cx175s because there have been reports of temporary hearing damage due to the ability to go very loud (121db). You need to realize that as the ear adapters are sound isolating as mentioned before, you won’t need to turn the volume up so loud so be careful.

After my Sony earphones broke, I was looking for replacements under £30 and I saw the CX 175 had great reviews. These exceeded my expectations: clear sound, impressive bass and the ability to go very loud.

Only one draw-back….Once the kids have them in their ears, they really do not hear a word that is said to them! Other than that the music quality delivered by these ear phones is second to none.

The bass and clarity is good,but needs to be burn-in for minimum of 30 hrs to perform in its optimum level. Outside noise isolation is not that good as compared to CX 300 II.

I just got this pair of earphones today and I am simply amazed by its awesome audio quality…you will definitely get better mids and highs as compared to Bose IE

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