Sennheiser CX 200 II Earphones Review 2021

Not saying you shouldn’t buy them as customers do love these but if you want something slightly better overall then go for the previous Sennheiser CX 175 earphones.

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✅ Best Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds

Highly recommended for melodic/technical genres – These provide a great sound for jazz bass & metal. While it may not be a perfectly flat response, these have a good balance. Music is crisp and clear, with mids being easy to understand, highs being crisp, and lows carrying force without being “hip hop” boomy. If you want something to boom bass into your ears, look elsewhere. If you listen to music that has dynamic melodies and a wide range of tones and instruments, these sound as good as a set of ear cans


  • Good earphones for your average user.


  • Not suitable for walking or running, not long lasting either.

Editor Rating


Does Newer Mean Better?

The Sennheiser CX 200 II Earphones are the next model up from the CX 175 and are significantly different technically. The difference between the 2 is that the CX 200 II has a more standard in frequency response with 20hz (average bass) and 20khz (standard treble); although any higher than 20khz in treble you won’t be able to hear anyway.

The sound pressure rating is lower than the CX 175s 121db and goes to a max level of 110db. You would never want to go for a higher listening volume than 85db anyway unless you want to purposely damage your hearing. One last thing, the harmonic distortion is around 2%, 1% higher than the CX 175 which will impede the CX 200 IIs audio quality in comparison.

What Do People Think?

The main downfall was that these earphones aren’t durable like Duracell batteries, in fact, and 1/5 found they broke in the first 2 months. This was usually due to a malfunctioning earpiece, Sennheiser was not helpful when buyers asked for a replacement or refund either even though there’s a 2-year guarantee. Like the CX 175s these aren’t suitable for running or walking as the cable rubs and makes an irritating noise; go to this article ’best earphones for running’ if you’re looking for jogging earphones instead.

The majority were happy with the build quality and were pleased with them in comparison to the standard White iPod earphones. In reality, experienced listeners thought they were average and although the bass was enhancing to a degree it wasn’t something that should be advertised by Sennheiser as a feature. Not saying you shouldn’t buy them as customers do love these but if you want something slightly better overall then go for the previous Sennheiser CX 175 earphones.

Left earbud died after 2 months of daily gentle use. Up until that happened, the sound quality was really good and they were really comfortable.

On the packaging it states bass driven sound but this seems very weak. I was expecting a much better sound. I will not be buying any more products by Sennheiser on this evidence.

Earphones are nice and comfortable, also seem to fit snugly.

I bought these headphones to replace my Ipod headphones after they decided to fall apart on me, and apon hearing my music though these babies, I strongly recommend them! Especially over the tacky Ipod ones!

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