Sennheiser CX 215 Earphones Review 2021

The CX 215 is recommended because although it is similar to previous models consumers definitely had a better experience with these over the CX 200II.

Sennheiser, Are You Telling The Truth?

Here we have the Sennheiser CX 215 earphones, the next one up from the CX 200 II. Sennheiser’s put these with main features such as powerful bass, suitable for a CD, MP3 players, and easy adjustment along with a handy two-year warranty. They claim that the CX 215 will also block out noise effectively.

At 16 ohms these earphones will be fine for small devices like MP3 players but if you were to plug them in, for example, a big stereo system and try to listen with them on that then they would most likely blow out due to the low impedance.

According to Sennheiser the CX 215 has powerful bass, or should do – and they are lying, the frequency response is 22-20000hz meaning it won’t have booming bass at all, nor exquisite highs. The specs aren’t as good as the CX 175 but it is all up to the design now as to whether they are actually worse.


  • Great character, more durable than previous models.


  • Low quality mids, low impedance.

Editor Rating


Can’t Forget About The Buyer

Most people were very happy with the CX 215 with few being unhappy with their purchase. The previous CX 200 II wasn’t very last long-lasting but the majority of people did not have problems with the newer CX 215 breaking. According to consumers, the mid-level audio quality is rubbish and the clarity wasn’t that good which makes sense since the impedance isn’t that high in the specification.

However, they have good character compared to other earphones out there that cost much more than these do. People found they were good for listening to music (don’t ask what else they’d be used for) whilst lawn-mowing, traveling, listening to audiobooks, and much more because they blocked out the noise from the outside. The CX 215 is recommended because although it is similar to previous models consumers definitely had a better experience with these over the CX 200II by Sennheiser.

For the price they are not bad at all. Nice highs soft bass and not very good mids. When I hit the gym and need some heavy music I switch to cheaper skull head phones that have a lot of bass. These head phones are great to use if you leave all settings on the ipod at flat.

It is a great improvement from my last earphones. I used last week on my trip to Las Vegas on the plane.

I picked these up at an airport before catching a flight. I was happy to find that they provided very clear and balanced sound with great isolation.

The sound is just downright FUN! The bass is deep and boomy, and surprisingly there’s very little bleed into the mids and highs despite that, and the type of bleed you find in earphones like the Dr Dre Beats and Skullcandy brand.

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