Sennheiser CX 281 Earphones Review 2022

Brilliant Sennheiser Earphones

These Sennheiser CX 281 earphones are the next model up from the CX 280. The design is completely different from the CX 215 and comes with integrated volume control which previous designs from the CX series didn’t have. As of course the earphones are at such a price so Sennheiser had to include a storage pouch that neatly fits in your 4th gen iPod nano (if you own one).

Not only that is a handy share adapter comes with it which means you can share your music with your friend as long as they have another pair of earphones to listen with. One of the main features advertised is ‘clear and detailed sound’ which makes sense as the harmonic noise distortion is below 0.5% just like the not-so-good CX 280 but higher than the CX 175 or CX 215.


  • Robust, sounds great and has lots of features.


  • Not for heavy bass themed music lovers.

Editor Rating


The Customer Is Always Right

Buyers of the CX 281 were pleased with their purchase, as described the sound was clear and detailed as Sennheiser implied. Some users complained that although as stated in the description that these earphones were designed for smaller ears they complained that they weren’t small enough and kept falling out. An Amazon distributor claimed that this was because these earphones were designed for women, however, it is unknown if this is true because on the official Sennheiser website it does not say this anywhere.

Overall the majority love these earphones, with a few suggesting other earphones that they thought were better. As always some found that their beloved earphones broke, the average life span appears to be around two years which is pretty good.

I don’t know why these headphones have been labelled as Women’s earbuds. I bought a pair from a Virgin Megastore, and they were worth every damn penny.

I won’t waste your time when you can use it to go ahead & make the purchase. Gr8 headphones. Sound is all you can ask for out of a pair of headphones like these. Extremely satisfied!

Don’t buy em if you are a bass user, they are for classical music, this is where it excels

I am not an audiophile so I found the sound quality very good. Distortion is very low and the bass is great for such small earphones. But the sound quality depends a lot on the fit, they sound amazing when you can find the perfect snug fit. I used the small ear adapters.

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