Sennheiser CX 300 II Earphones Review 2022

The Sennheiser CX 300 Ii Has A Bigger Number

The Sennheiser CX 300 II earphones are the next generation up from the CX 281, and they come at a somewhat higher price than the CX 281. Sennheiser claims that the headphones provide a bass-driven stereo sound, custom-fit earpieces, and excellent noise attenuation.

It comes with a carrying bag and should be compatible with the majority of MP3 players, iPods, and CD players on the market. According to the specs, the frequency response indicates that, although there will be enough bass (19 Hz), the high frequencies will not be as impressive at 21000hz as they are with other earphones such as the original CX 175 in contrast.

The human ear is incapable of hearing frequencies over 20kHz, thus this isn’t a major concern. The sound pressure level is 113 Db, which is a significant fall when compared to prior editions, but this is not an issue since you don’t need it to be that high in the first place.


  • Great comfortable fit, noise isolating and has good bass.
  • Comes with a bonus pouch to put them in.


  • Expensive, fragile – can break easily so be careful.

Editor Rating


You Got Mugged So You Can’t Complain!

It is difficult to conduct a valid evaluation without the input of a large number of persons from the public. Customers generally agree that the build quality is significantly stronger than it has been in the past, and that the sound quality, despite the altered design, is still great. There are a significant number of consumers who are dissatisfied with their purchase after just three months of use.

It is uncertain whether or not they purchased counterfeits, therefore be certain that you are purchasing from a reliable supplier, especially when shopping on sites like Amazon. The majority of customers were delighted with their purchase and said that they were really comfortable to wear. Tremendous sound isolation comes with great responsibility; take good care of them and they will endure for a long time. As a last point, due of the seeming comfort fit and high-quality noise isolation, the difference in sound pressure level will be compensated for by the apparent comfort fit and noise isolation.

Sound isolation I find to be far superior to the original Apple earphones supplier with my IPod. I would hazard a guess that the isolation has been improved by at least 10dB. Listening on a bus or train is certainly much more pleasurable.

These are good and they come with a nice pouch. People said the pouch was a bit bent, but I still use it.

They are a very pleasant surprise, but do be careful with them as they break fairly easily. Sennheiser will replace free of charge, but also watch out for fakes.

I am very pleased with the quality of sound, it is superb compared to many other headphones of this price range. These are by far the best I’ve tried sound quality-wise.

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