Sonos Connect: Amp Review (Best Wireless Amplifier 2022)

Sonos provides a high-powered amplifier that allows for smooth high-fidelity streaming of music over its speakers. In essence, it is an all-in-one audio system that can play music from almost any and all cloud music services now accessible. The Sonos Connect: Amp is compatible with the Sonos or any other speakers, however it needs the use of a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer to run the Sonos software. If you wish to utilise the amplifier without the speakers, you’ll need to connect it to the speakers through cabling or use the Sonos Bridge.

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✅ Best Sonos Connect: Amp

The sound is great! – This works out great. Not only can you connect to your soundtrack & CDs, but this unit also allows you to listen to most subscription services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. Definitely well worth the money.


  • Excellent sound.
  • Easy control and setup.
  • Wireless networking.


  • No option of skipping tracks on the device front.

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Music Streaming And Amp By Sonos

Connect: The amplifier is 3.5″ by 7.3″ by 8.15″, making it larger in size than the majority of audio streaming amplifiers on the market. It features a contemporary style and is available in a white and silver colour combination. Integrated within the Connect: Amp are the curved edges and matte finish that have become Sonos hallmark design characteristics. All of the controls on the amp are simple, consisting solely of the mute and volume control buttons. Everything else is handled via the Sonos app, which plays digital audio from all major music streaming services. This does, however, imply that you will be unable to skip songs directly via the device.

The Sonos Connect: Amp is a built-in amplifier with a power output of 55 watts per channel that produces dramatic stereo sound. In addition to a 2-port Ethernet switch for Internet connections, the amplifier is equipped with an auto-detecting RCA analogue line-in connector, which enables it to modify the output such that low frequencies are sent to the subwoofer and high frequencies are sent to the speakers. The Connect: Amp also has an alarm system, allowing you to wake up to the sounds of your favourite music or rich noises playing across your room equally. This Sonos amplifier, which costs £399, has precise controls, is simple to set up, produces rich hi-fi sound, and only has a few minor downsides, such as a poor midrange and the possibility of overheating in certain cases.

As soon as you hit multi – zone / whole house, non apple centric, Sonos is appreciably better and uniquely better usability.

Order one, NOW! Amazing sound quality, and like all sonos products, it is easy as 123 to set up. I have mine powering my outdoor Speakers!

Whilst Sonos can be a good system – if you start to get problems they are tough to solve. I have 6 zone players and now they keep losing music and sonos have been unable to find a solution.

It works anywhere you’ve ever dreamed of having music — the bedroom, the bathroom or even the backyard. All you have to do is plug it in, connect your choice of speakers and you’ve got a room filled with music.

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