Special Edition Singing Boots Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies Review 2021: A Singing Rainboot?

Whether you are outside enjoying the rain or trekking up a hill, your music will go wherever your boots go. The special edition Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies took up the classic boom box concept and integrated it into the yellow rain boots. The renowned e-commerce brand Firebox collaborated with the London-based music service providers Bloom.fm to offer their tech-savvy buyers yet another “cool” and must-have product.


  • Great concept.
  • Water proof pocket is a huge convenience.
  • Very stylish.


  • Sizes larger than 7.5 were not made.
  • Only 10 pairs of the boots were made.

Editor Rating


When Technology Meets Fashion – Rain Boots With Booming Sound

The Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies are exclusive Bluetooth-enabled rain boots that feature an integrated wireless speaker attached to one and a splash-proof carry pouch on the other boot for smartphones, iPods, or any other music source. The musical footwear was made available in sizes ranging from size 5 to 7.5. The boot’s loudspeakers have a great sound quality and are very clear even at loud volumes.

The trendy Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies have a five-hour playback time and a free full subscription to Bloom’s database of over 22 million songs for six months. The wellies also come with a mini USB cable to charge the speakers. The bright yellow glossy finish and a thick solid black sole give the boots a very eye-catching appeal.

Firebox produced only a limited number of ten exclusive Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies. This new concept of making the iconic yellow rain boots with built-in speakers has paved the way for how clothing and apparel will be designed in the future. With only ten pairs of Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies present all over the world, people will definitely yearn for more products like this one. Moreover, nowadays everyone owns expensive smartphones which are extremely delicate, making waterproof pockets a necessity in all apparel we wear.  Firebox has done exactly that by designing these wellies and hopefully the same will be an added feature in all upcoming modern hi-tech designs.

I just received these and they are great fun

If they look bright in the photos, they are even brighter in real life. I love them!

UK music fans love festivals and certainly aren’t scared of a bit of rain and mud.

It`s funny when people have a whole boot collection but never ever wear them.Maybe they are waiting for the RIGHT occasion

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