Starting Your Own Music Business And Seeking Some Help? Make Sure You Don’t Miss These Resources Out In 2022

One of the most rewarding aspects of my blog is the opportunity to assist budding engineers, producers, and artists with their equipment selections. However, it does not end there. I’m also often requested for assistance with people’s professional endeavours, and I’m always delighted to guide folks in the proper path when I can. This is the spirit in which we’ve put up a list of who we believe to be the greatest of the best in the music and recording industries, and why. We have faith in these individuals to provide excellent care for you. Continue to scroll!

Artist Management And Consulting

Curb Records is well-known for putting its artists first and maintaining an old-school approach to business. Curb Records is most recognised for launching the careers of many of today’s top country musicians, including Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Jo Dee Messina, and Lee Brice, among others. In the realm of country music, Mike Curb is regarded as a living legend, and his ties within the Nashville scene and the wider country music community are legendary. Benson Curb may be found by asking for him.

The founder of Speilberg Consulting, Neil Speilberg, began his business a few years ago after a lengthy career in sales and distribution. Over the years, Neil has worked with some of the greatest names in country music, including Randy Travis, Hank Williams Jr., Dwight Yoakam, Faith Hill, and Jeff Foxworthy, to promote their respective albums. Although he is most known for his work in the country music industry, he also has a strong reputation in the pop music and retail distribution industries.

Over the last 25 years, Fred Croshal has worked with a diverse range of iconic musicians, including Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Streisand, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to help build their respective careers in the music industry. His Los Angeles-based organisation provides partnership-based artist management and marketing services to musicians and bands who are in the know. Fred has a large network of media and business contacts that may assist you in launching your professional career.

Engineer/Producer Career Advice

What can I say about our buddy Mike White? He’s a wonderful person. His extensive professional experience, unwavering attention to detail, and eagerness to assist everyone he comes into contact with distinguish him as one of the greatest in the music recording industry. Mike has collected an outstanding record over the course of his 25-year professional career. In addition, he has worked at some of the most famous recording studios of our time. As an engineer/producer in the real world, Mike has a thorough grasp of what it takes to succeed in today’s music industry. Aside from his active involvement in the worlds of mixing and mastering, Mike has spent the past several years focusing on finding methods to impart his expertise to the next generation of engineers and producers. His online lectures and workshops are some of the finest available anywhere on the internet!

Orlando-based Tony Mardini has made a name for himself in the Latin and Pop music worlds in a short period of time. Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez are just a few of the well-known artists that have worked with him in the past. He works as a career adviser at Full Sail University and conducts tough engineering and production seminars that are well worth the trip to Orlando to attend. He is also a published author.

Engineering/Production Education

Songwriting Education

General Music Business Information

Do It Yourself Marketing


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