Sterling Audio ST51 Review: The Best Budget Condenser Microphone 2022?

Out shopping for microphones on a budget? Then you don’t want to miss out on The Sterling Audio ST51 condenser mic. The Sterling Audio ST51 is a large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone that stands out as one of the best options amongst low-priced microphones. Known for its warm sound, the Sterling Audio ST51 is a great starter mic that presents a reasonably priced solution for beginners and home studio owners.

With a nice, light, and firm body, the Sterling Audio ST51 is a solidly built mic with a black nickel-plated, all brass body, and a metalized front. Instead of the 3-micron material found in the ST66, ST59, and ST55, the ST51 uses a 6-micron diaphragm. It does not seem to be another variation of the Groove Tubes model, as most Sterling Audio microphones are.


  • Clean sound
  • Accurate recording
  • Easy to use
  • Solid electronics


  • For home studios or beginners only
  • Not recommended for professional studio use

Editor Rating

Sound Quality80%
Ease Of Use95%
Worth It?100%

Budget Buying – Cheap Condenser Microphone

Amongst the similarly priced products, it is often compared to the Audio-Technica AT2020, which is not a large-diaphragm condenser. ST51 requires phantom power and works best with recording. Known for its warm sound, the Sterling Audio ST51 is best used for recording acoustic sounds and vocals. It gives a very dry, flat recording every time. Despite being preferred for male vocals (as most mics of this price range are as it seems), female vocalists have been pretty satisfied with its overall performance too.

With its sensitivity measured at 32mV/Pa, this microphone has the capability of catching even the slightest bump in any corner of the recording room. With the right adjustment of EQs and appropriately boosted highs, the Sterling Audio ST51 is known to produce wonders. It is also to be noted that ST51 holds quite the reputation amongst voiceover artists.

The ST51 does the job I thought I was going to need the ST55 for.

The clarity and response is quite good, my recordings pick up things i didn’t even notice when playing. The bass reproduction is very good, maybe a little too good.

I recorded a female country vocalist with it today and the vocals were so warm and true. i almost am afraid to edit now. worth every penny!!!!

I have three other supposed to be higher end mic’s and they don’t have the clarity or sound as crisp as this mic. Every since I have purchased this mic. I have not used any other mic. It sounds good in padded and open rooms recording vocals or whatever. I strongly recommend using this mic. you will get the sound you want without it costing a lot of money!

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