The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Offers Good Cheap Guitars: A Review In 2022

It is widely agreed upon by professionals and amateurs alike that the Epiphone Les Paul Standard is one of the most secure choices when it comes to selecting a sturdy, decent inexpensive guitar for a gig at home or a performance in front of an audience.

With a number of different versions to pick from, the consumer is provided with a great deal of choice when purchasing this specific instrument. In this category, some of the most popular models are the Floyd Rose-toting PRO/FX and the Joe Bonamassa Gold top, just to name a few examples. Apart from the fact that it is incredibly inexpensive and easy on the wallet, this guitar is also quite trustworthy when it comes to the level of quality and functioning.


  • Excellent sustain, Impressive distortion and unmatched affordability.


  • The heavy weight can be problem for some players.
  • May require set up.

Editor Rating


Best Gibson Lespaul Alternative

It is possible that the most significant advantage of getting an Epiphone Les Paul is the fact that it was created as a more affordable alternative to the renowned Gibson Les Paul guitar. Even though the two instruments are comparable, Epiphone provides more affordable options for younger, smaller-scale bands and players, as well as the best copies of Gibson instruments among all rivals. It doesn’t have the same hefty tone as the Gibson, but it still performs well. The Epiphone Les Paul, like the Gibson Les Paul, has a fixed neck that provides stronger sustain and distortion, which was unquestionably the most striking aspect of the former.

This flexible guitar is not only favoured by rock and metal musicians, but also by a large number of blues musicians. It has a substantial, robust body that is quite hefty. The Lespaul from Epiphone boasts a crisp tone when played clean and a hefty rhythm when played with distortion, thanks to its two humbucker pickups. You could find the Epiphone Lespaul to be less comfortable if you’ve been playing professionally for a lengthy period of time, as opposed to the Gibson Les Paul. Gibsons have a little heavier and more assertive tone. Progressive music soloists, on the other hand, favour none of the two guitars mentioned above.

If you’ve had your heart set on having a Gibson Les Paul since you first lay eyes on one, but haven’t been able to save up a large amount of money to do so, the Epiphone Les Paul is by far the closest thing you’ll ever come to the genuine thing at a far lesser price.

What can I say, the Epiphone Les Paul is a guitar of the highest standard that supercedes its price in value.

The action on this guitar is great. The pickups are set perfectly. The only problem I had was one tone knob was too close to the body of it. This problem was easily solved by pulling the tone knob out a little bit. The pickup selector is completely noiseless.

This guitar has a very full sound. On all the settings it’s great. It’s not noisy either. It’s mainly ment for rock music though but you could play anytype on it.

Under Estimated Achiever! This Epiphone Les Paul is really impressive. With these sexy alnico pickups and thick full Les Paul sound you just can’t go wrong. I play from anything and everything.

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