The Heart of the Q Acoustics 7000i Series: 7000Ci Centre Speaker Review 2022

7000Ci is a cheap yet decent investment and will turn out to become the heart of your home cinema system.

The latest from Q Acoustics is their 7000i series for home cinema entertainment. It is the upgraded version of the 7000 series, both of which are capable of producing 5.1 surround sound. The British company Q Acoustics is known for offering high quality and ultra-modern design products at a very affordable rate. The 7000Ci Centre Speaker is a small-sized horizontally designed loudspeaker included in the new series.


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Why A Centre Speaker Is Essential For A Home Theatre System?

Centre speakers are specially designed for home theatre systems and are the most important speaker in a 5.1 or 7.1 setup. They build up dynamics in Dolby Digital soundtracks and add to the weight of dialogues and actions in a blockbuster movie.  The 7000Ci Centre Speaker is small-sized and weighs only a little less than 2kgs. However, like most centre channels it takes up as much load and delivers a seamless soundstage like the side or front channels. The improved design consists of infinite baffle enclosures that are cast in aluminium material with extra damping substances to reduce internal resonance. 7000Ci features twin 75mm ultra long-throw bass drivers and paper coated cones for delivery of wide range and fast transients. It also boasts a 25mm, Neodymium magnet ‘Ring Radiator’ high-frequency model tweeter. This cutting-edge design creates an expansive soundstage with rich and well-detailed high frequencies.

The 7000Ci Centre Speaker is available in a classic black and white matt finish with a gloss trim. It gives the user the option to either mount it on a wall/ceiling or use table stands (optional) depending upon the setup of the room. It also comes with easy cable management and will not prove to be a hassle even for general users.

Apart from this, it is identical to the 7000i L+R models and therefore delivers an absolutely seamless soundstage for the listener.

It can go loud too, and still keep its composure. But equally, bring it down to a lower volume and you won’t lose any of that dynamic sparkle that makes it such an expressive system.

The outstanding dispersion characteristic of this advanced design creates a wonderfully three dimensional sound stage for both music and home cinema, as well as delivering very smooth and detailed high frequencies.

Naturally, a beautifully styled and finished matching floor stand, complete with cable management, is also available

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