The Heart of the Q Acoustics 7000i Series: 7000Ci Centre Speaker Review 2022

The 7000Ci is a low-cost but worthwhile purchase that will serve as the heart of your home theatre system. Q Acoustics has released the 7000i series for home cinema entertainment. It’s a more advanced version of the 7000 series, both of which can produce 5.1 surround sound. Q Acoustics, a British company, is noted for producing high-quality, ultra-modern design items at a low cost. The new series includes the 7000Ci Centre Speaker, a tiny horizontally built loudspeaker.


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Why A Centre Speaker Is Essential For A Home Theatre System?

The most significant speaker in a 5.1 or 7.1 configuration is the centre speaker, which is specifically developed for home theatre systems. They add to the weight of lines and movements in a blockbuster movie by adding dynamics to Dolby Digital audio. The 7000Ci Centre Speaker is compact and lightweight, weighing little under 2kg. However, like most centre channels, it consumes the same amount of power and produces a soundstage that is as smooth as the side or front channels. The new design includes infinite baffle enclosures made of aluminium with additional dampening materials to prevent internal resonance. Twin 75mm super long-throw bass drivers with paper coated cones are used in the 7000Ci to offer a wide variety of sound and quick transients. A 25mm Neodymium magnet ‘Ring Radiator’ high-frequency model tweeter is also included. This cutting-edge design offers a large soundstage with detailed high frequencies.

The 7000Ci Centre Speaker comes in a matte black and white appearance with a glossy accent. Depending on the layout of the room, the user can either hang it on the wall/ceiling or utilise table stands (optional). It also boasts simple cable management and will not be a hassle for even the most casual users.

Apart from this, it is identical to the 7000i L+R models and therefore delivers an absolutely seamless soundstage for the listener.

It can go loud too, and still keep its composure. But equally, bring it down to a lower volume and you won’t lose any of that dynamic sparkle that makes it such an expressive system.

The outstanding dispersion characteristic of this advanced design creates a wonderfully three dimensional sound stage for both music and home cinema, as well as delivering very smooth and detailed high frequencies.

Naturally, a beautifully styled and finished matching floor stand, complete with cable management, is also available

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