The Perfect Ready-To-Go PA System 2022: Bose L1 Compact Review

With the L1 Compact Portable Line Array System from Bose, they’ve taken the term “portable” to a whole new level, entirely redefining what it means to be “portable.” With the all-in-one L1 Compact system, you can combine your traditional PA system with your monitors in a single streamlined device that weighs just 29 pounds! It is adaptable, practical, and suited for a wide range of different types of performing artists.


No speaker cables hence no hassle. Fast setup, clean and well-spread sound, good response, and easy to store and transport.


Might be pricey for some.

Editor Rating


They Handy And Capable Compact Sound System

The Bose L1 Compact is equipped with an amplifier, a mixer, and a bass cabinet, all of which are integrated into one unit. It has four inputs and two outputs. Channel 1 is dedicated to the input of a voice microphone, while Channel 2 is pre-optimized for any other types of input, such as iPods, computers, guitars, or a keyboard. Bose’s ToneMatch technology connects the two channels together, guaranteeing that the instruments do not interfere with one another during performances and that the instruments sound natural together. It also has Spatial Dispersion® loudspeaker technology, which consists of six drivers that are positioned at set angles to distribute sound uniformly over the stage and into the surrounding area. There are no inconsistencies in the sound, even when it is heard in the corners or on the extreme edges, and it covers almost 180 degrees of space.

Because of its straightforward design, the Bose L1 Compact is a ready-to-use device that is both portable and lightweight. Easy to set up, it takes no more than two minutes, and it is completely portable. It is composed of three parts: the base, an extension, and a single speaker array, all of which may be transported in a small travel bag that can be stored in the backseat or trunk of your car. It is a great system to put up for a concert or any other event when there will be up to a hundred people in attendance. The sound is both strong and dynamic, it diffuses nicely, and the pre-amplifiers create a good enough output for a system of such small dimensions. It is well worth the money for a singer/songwriter who is searching for a high-quality PA system at a reasonable price.

Not only is the sound even and people in the front and the back of the building have same consistent sound, but the sound is so clear and natural that it feels like the person speaking in to a microphone is about two feet away.

One of the best speaker investments I have ever made. When initially looking at the room to play in, I immediately look to see if they will work in the room, about 90% of the time they are perfect!

This Bose system is just awesome. I use it at a gym facility for classes as well as background music. The sound quality is top notch and the volume is WAY more than needed.

The Bose L1 Compact is the smallest, lightest, and most affordable system in Bose’s series of L1 portable line array systems — and it’s the most popular, too.

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