The Stash Stainless Bass Guitar Review 2022

This is a bass guitar that is one of a kind and one of a kind only. Custom designed and constructed by Stanislaw Potyrala in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the Stash Stainless Bass is a one-of-a-kind instrument.

It is constructed completely of stainless steel and has uniform frets on a 34″ scale (24 frets) as well as a unique tubular neck. Volume and Tone knobs let you to adjust the volume and tone of the pickups, which are split coils with Alnico magnets. Other notable features include a Switchcraft jack, a stainless steel adjustable bridge, and Gotoh-type tuners, to name a few.


  • Comfortable for the musician.
  • Great sound.
  • Stays in tune.


  • Might not suit those who are used to of the regular bass design.
  • Expensive.

Editor Rating


The Futurist Bass Guitar

The unique construction of this bass allows for homogeneous thermal expansion, which helps it to maintain its tuning for much longer periods of time when compared to other regular basses. The design, according to the manufacturer, improves the instrument’s mechanical and environmental stability simultaneously.

The tubular neck of the Stash Stainless Bass Guitar, which has an ultra-modern and sleek appearance, is the most distinctive characteristic of the instrument. In addition, the 1.5″ diameter acoustic stainless steel tube gives a secure hold for the musician’s fingertips around the circular construction, enabling them to reach the strings with ease. This metallic make-up is quite sturdy, and it is designed to reduce the muscular tension in the hands and wrists that may be induced by the usage of a flat traditional flat neck.

Hard rock and metal musicians will appreciate the Stash Stainless Bass, which is designed just for them. Additionally, it creates exquisite tones and harmonics, as well as a high level of sound quality. Due to the fact that the pick-ups are totally insulated, there is less noise in terms of interfering signals. Because the Stash Stainless Bass is constructed completely of one kind of stainless steel material, it eliminates any possibility of warping or sonic differences as a result of changes in the surrounding temperature.

Stash Stainless Bass is the only bass on the market that is totally constructed of stainless steel, and it is constructed of an excellent material. This unique instrument, which sells for roughly £1900, has provided players with a glimpse into the future of musical instruments via its performance.

”Great sound. Easy to play”

I am already in love with it.

Hands down this is by far one of the craziest I’ve ever seen

it was fun learning and figuring out how to play that beast

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