Top 2 Best Gaming Monitors Under $200: A Review In 2022

No matter how advanced your GPU and other hardware are, if you can’t display sharp gaming visuals, the setup is pointless.

Last time I checked, I discovered that people consider gaming monitors to be expensive, which is not the case. In fact, you can find some of the best gaming monitors for under $200. These are well-known brands that will undoubtedly provide you with stunning visuals while gaming. According to thousands of gamers who tried them, you cannot compromise power or performance.

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I’ve listed the top two best gaming monitors under $200 that provide standard gaming performance without breaking the bank.

Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 (2022)

Dell Alienware AW2518H

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✅ Best Gaming Monitor Alienware AW2518H

High Quality Monitor – This monitor best-looking high refresh rate monitors . Paired with a higher-end card such as the GTX 1070, the Alienware 25 is an excellent choice for those with a moderate budget. Game comfortably in your zone with a height adjustable stand, tilt, swivel and pivot features. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for Installation manual.

  • Alienware AW2518H: The Dell monitor in question is from the company’s Alienware line, which is known for producing high-quality gaming equipment. The model number is AW2518H, and it features the recognisable Alienware design philosophy, as well as eye-catching geometry and a silver gunmetal finish. Aside from that, it has very thin edges and the kind of quality build you’d expect from such a well-known brand.


  • Display
    The display supports only 1080p resolutions, it makes up for that in other departments. Namely, the 1ms response time and the implementation of Nvidia’s G-Sync technology which, when combined with the 240 Hz refresh rate, make for razor-sharp gameplay.
  • Connectivity
    This Dell relies solely on digital technology for GPU connection, as it has a single HDMI 1.4 port and a single DisplayPort 1.4 input. On top of that, it has four USB 3.0 ports, as well as a 3.5mm audio output jack.
  • Additional features
    • Nvidia G-Sync – Much like AMD’s FreeSync, G-Sync is the Nvidia counterpart that serves as a superior alternative to Vsync. The effect is largely the same: a lag and screen tear-free gaming experience with zero performance impact.
    • AlienFX – RGB lighting is commonly found in high-end gaming equipment, so it’s no wonder that Alienware included it in this monitor. Three strips and the Alienware logo, all of which are located on the back of the monitor, are dynamically lit so as to enhance your gaming experience.
    • Adjustability – As is to be expected from a powerful and expensive gaming monitor, it can be fully adjusted in terms of height, tilt and pivot to ensure the optimal viewing experience.


  • lms response time.
  • Thin edges makes for great monitor setup.
  • Nvidia G-Sync


  • Expensive for a 1080p monitor
    Obviously, a 240 Hz monitor is going to be expensive. However, our main qualm with this monitor’s price is that the size and resolution hardly justify it – especially the latter. As we have mentioned before, Full HD resolutions are slowly becoming obsolete in the gaming world, so this pricey monitor would hardly be worthwhile long-term investment
  • Bulky design
    Alienware was never known for subtlety, and their penchant for aggressive gaming design is evident in this monitor as well. The AW2518H is far from slim, to say the least, and its stand is arguably larger and bulkier than it needs to be.

Acer XF250Q

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✅ Best Acer XF250Q LED Gaming Monitor

Amazing Buy!! – Great 24.5inch 144hz 1ms gaming Monitor for the price! Bought this for your gaming and it works well! 

  • Acer XF250Q: This is a 240 Hz one of the best gaming monitors under $200 from Acer, another well-known brand. The model in question is the XF250Q, which looks a lot like an Alienware. In terms of specifications as well as price. However, there are some distinctions to be made.


  1. Display: In terms of image quality, this monitor and the Alienware AW2518H are largely identical. Both have 1080p as their native resolution and both have a 1ms response time. The only difference is that Acer’s monitor utilizes AMD’s FreeSync instead of its Nvidia counterpart.
  2. Connectivity: The XF250Q is slightly different when it comes to connectivity options. It has one DisplayPort, one HDMI 2.0, one HDMI 1.4 and one DVI port. On top of that, it has five USB 3.0 ports.
  3. Additional features
    • AMD FreeSync
    • Acer VisionCare – What this proprietary technology of Acer’s entails is quite simple: providing users with a flicker-free screen in order to reduce eye strain.
    • Adjustability – The XF250Q adjustment options include height, tilt, and pivot.
    • Integrated speakers – This gaming monitor uses two 4-watt speakers which are quite a bit better than your regular monitor speakers.
    • VESA mountable – One clear advantage that Acer’s monitor has over the Alienware one is that it supports VESA mounting, thus being more flexible in terms of placement.


  • Great lms response time.
  • AMD Free Sync.
  • Fully adjustable and mountable.
  • Acer care.


  • Maximum resolution is just 1080p.
    Like the Alienware monitor, the XF250Q sacrifices resolution for a higher refresh rate. However, it manages to be somewhat cheaper than its Alienware counterpart while maintaining high image quality.
  •  Speakers kinda weak.
    Once again, we face a set of monitor speakers that few will actually find useful, as their power and sound quality is nowhere near what a gamer would require.

Hopefully, I’ve given you some insight into all of the specifications associated with these low-cost gaming monitors. More importantly, I hope it will assist you in making an informed decision when shopping for your next gaming monitor!

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