Waves SSL 4000 Plugin Bundle Review 2021: Worth The Money For Music Production?

Solid State Logic, or SSL, was founded in 1969 in The United Kingdom. They are best known for their professional recording consoles and for introducing fader automation to the recording industry. There are over 3,000 SSL consoles in use around the world today and their consoles have been used on some of the greatest recordings ever made. The SL4000 series console is perhaps the most famous, having shaped the sound of the ’80s and 90’s.

The Waves SSL 4000 plugin collection models 4 classic SSL modules from the 4000 Series consoles-

  • SSL G-Channel

Includes the EQ and dynamic control of the original G Series console

  • SSL E-Channel Strip

Includes the EQ and dynamic features of SSL 4000 Series console channel strip

  • SSL G-Equalizer

Based on the 4-band G-Series EQ292 equalizer

  • SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

Based on the SSL 4000 series bus compressors

The irony is that these plugins are arguably as popular today as the consoles were back in the day. The modern music community and in particular EDM producers use these plugins regularly in their mixes. There is a distinct edge and bite that modern music producers love to use to give their productions that little extra kick.

But here’s the thing, this plug-in bundle is expensive (although Waves discounts it regularly). So you have to ask yourself if the price is worth it to you to add this particular group of tools to your music studio toolbox. In our view, if you want to compete within today’s music scene, the answer is a resounding yes!

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