What The Funk Is With Gibson Firebird V 2010 VS? A General Review On The Electric Guitar In 2022

This guitar, with its sleek “reverse” zigzag design and wacky headstock, is a gorgeous instrument that elevates the aesthetics of a guitar to a whole new level. Gibson Firebird V 2010 VS Are the sounds as pleasing to the ear as they are to the eye?


  • Great looking, light weight and awesome tone


  • A few sharp fret ends and binding shrinkage.

Editor Rating


All The Glamour Put In One Guitar

The Gibson Firebird V 2010 VS was first created in 1990 and is an updated version of the Firebird III. It is available in black or red. This 22-fret guitar with two pickups and antique silver hardware is made of mahogany and rosewood and has 22 frets. Moreover, it is equipped with a Tune-o-Matic bridge and a Maestro “Lyre” Vibrola tailpiece, which makes it very simple to change the strings on the Firebird.

A special mention should go to the guitar’s adaptability. Jazz, blues, psychedelic, and punk music are some of my favourite genres to listen to. Despite the fact that the guitar may be utilised for metal or any other genre that requires a lot of gain and distortion, I would not consider it to be the ideal instrument for performing raw and powerful sounds. When it comes to making up for this disadvantage, a good amplifier may easily compensate for it if you persevere.

Despite having the same overall dimensions as the legendary Les Paul, the Firebird V 2010 VS manages to be far lighter. The hardware on Firebird V is of excellent quality and has the potential to survive for an extremely long time. Furthermore, it is quite sturdy, and even if the instrument is dropped, it will not sustain significant damage. Despite this, I would advise against destroying it.

Because of its light weight and durability, the Gibson Firebird V 2010 VS is ideal for live performances. The results in terms of sound and tone are excellent, particularly for delicate music. The jazz and funk performers will undoubtedly fall in love with it because of its sleek and distinctive design features.

Very enjoyable to play although a very different feel than any other guitar I have owned. I play through a variety of different amps and it works well with all(usually play through a Bogner Ecstacy) I would recommend the Firebird to someone who is looking for a very beautiful and unusual guitar for their collection.

I love this Guitar. Looks good on! Sounds fantastic! Strum the first Chord & said Wow! This is a serious Rock n Roll Guitar. Later I discovered it does all other Genres equally well.

This guitar in Vintage Sunburst is one of the most attractive guitars you will ever see! It is deep sounding on one end and bright on the other. It has its own unique sound.

I bought the guitar for 2 reasons. one, in a world dominated by strats and les pauls, it was nice to have a guitar that stands out. in all my playing, i’ve only ran into one gig with someone who was also playing a firebird. second, it is incredibly versatile. i always tell people that its a perfect mix between a humbucker and single coil sound

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