Which Audiobook Service Is The Best? A Review On Audible 2022

Audible.com is an audiobook distribution company that promises best-selling books read by Hollywood’s top talent for a reasonable price.

Amazon’s entry into the audiobook market has been making headlines since it launched in 1999. Audible.com, one of the world’s most well-known audiobook distributors, promises the moon to would-be buyers, promising the latest bestselling books read by “Hollywood’s finest” at prices that will beat their competitors. This is no small task, so Audible.com pulls out all the stops as soon as you land on their homepage.

An Easy Way to Read

Learning “How it works” is as simple as clicking on the same-named button on the homepage, as is learning “about membership.” Visitors who are more interested in what Audible.com has to offer rather than how and at what price, are shown a display of current best-sellers right on top of customer favourites.

It’s as simple as specifying a category on the homepage or typing a title into the website’s search box to find a more specific query. Anyone who is having difficulty figuring out something can even call their 24-hour helpline or webchat with a representative. It’s especially impressive that they can get a live person on the line for web chat in a matter of seconds. While many websites allow visitors to chat with a genuine chatbot, Audible.com is able to provide visitors with a well-spoken, polite representative who was extremely helpful in writing this review.

Consumers can get their audiobook fix by purchasing titles individually or subscribing to one audiobook per month for $14.95 (USD), which is roughly half the price available to non-subscribers. All things considered, the site’s review section is the most useful feature. Anyone who registers has the ability to read and write customer reviews. This ensures that people get precisely what they desire.

In a nutshell, Audible.com has established itself as the world’s leading audiobook distributor. They not only have a strong customer support structure, but their website is easy to navigate, their selection is massive, and their prices are rock-bottom.


  • Audible.com offers strong, reliable customer support.


  • Those that prefer reading their literature as opposed to listening to it are in the wrong place.

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