Which Drum Set Is Best For Starter? Review Comparison On Mapex Tornado VS Mapex Voyager 2021

Mapex drum kits are well known in the UK and abroad. Their 5 piece drum kits are ideal for beginners and are the first choice for many. Today we will be comparing two of their beginners’ drum sets, the Mapex Tornado and the Mapex Voyager.

The Mapex Tornado

The Mapex Tornado starter kit consists of 8-ply, 7.2mm shells, which deliver powerful high end and ample bottom end punch. The built allows the tom drums to resonate freely and also features improved cymbals for enhanced sustain. The hardware is double braced which means the kit can receive as much hard-hitting as you can throw its way but it will remain in one piece. The overall package including the 5 piece drum set, cymbals, and hardware ensures that it can be played straight out of the box. Mapex Tornado is available in electric blue, black, and burgundy wrap finishes. It also has added lugs on the bass and toms which makes the tuning convenient. Remo heads are another addition that results in better sound and durability. After all the upgrades the kit still is very affordable for the buyers!

The Mapex Voyager

Now coming to the Mapex Voyager, the 8 piece shell pack is made from basswood. The shells and snares are made from poplar and are available in durable Road Tuff finishes. Like the Tornado, the Voyager series also includes double-braced hardware and cymbals. The hardware being very heavy duty won’t fall apart easily. The sound of the Mapex Voyager is resonant and bold. After some extra tuning, the tone becomes more sustained. This might be a little hassle for beginners but as they say, everything has a bright side, when you become more experienced you will know how to tune the drums perfectly according to the required sound. The kit is responsive and versatile, offering tones that are more focused rather than booming. It is with a striking price tag for those with a low budget.

To conclude, if you take my opinion, the Mapex Tornado has my vote, despite the fact that it does not have many finish and size options. The birch shells are great and sound better than the popular ones which the Voyager series use. The cymbals are of better quality and don’t need replacing. It is for the same reason that the Tornado is one of the UK’s best-selling entry-level drum kits and is recommended by many professional dealers.

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