Which Platform Is Best For Sharing Your ‘Mixes’? 8tracks Review 2022

A simplistic website for anyone who wants to discover, listen and share music with friends or anyone on the web!


  • A great website to share and create your own music playlists. Lets anyone discover new interesting music tracks with minimum number of clicks!


  • Does one job of sharing and listening to music playlists, and it does it well. I couldn’t seem to find any negatives here!

We looked at some of the playlist creation websites in one of my past articles. I mentioned a nice little website called 8tracks.com. It allows you to share your music playlists known as mixes which consist of, you know, 8 tracks! Now that is not all; it has some great features that one might find pretty useful for listening to music. I want you to dive deep into this 8tracks review and learn how to use it for keeping yourself entertained with great music!

Whatever it is, however useful it might be if it’s a product we always look at how it looks! 8tracks has a pretty and simplistic interface. Easy to navigate, but could be confusing for a first-timer.

8tracks Website Interface-First Looks

On the top, you can see the “feed” button. Now, 8tracks lets you follow other people or let others follow you. So, when you share something they will see it or vice versa. When you click on the Feed button, you will be asked whether you want to connect your G+ or Facebook accounts. It will access your profile and find who among your friends is using 8tracks already and let you follow them. The same goes for G+. This is a cool feature if you are into sharing music all the time with your friends. I am not such a person, so this is barely important to me.

The second button is “Explore”. It is quite obvious what this button might do. It lets you discover music mixes (playlists) created by other people, which are in top-ranking position. The top rank is held by the most played playlists. There are also several tags like “best music for 2013″, “holiday”, “new for 2014″, etc. Clicking on each of them will give you a variety of playlists and a number of new songs for you to listen.

8tracks – Explore Mixes

Obviously, we have the search button for anyone to search for a specific music track of a related playlist.

While listening to music you can also share it with your friends with an easy-to-use social sharing toolbar on the right of every album art.

Social Sharing

Just above it is the “Add to collections” button. This is helpful to save the music for yourself to listen to later. By scrolling down a bit, you can find two buttons to mark it as “safe” or unsafe. This is something similar to youtube. And finally, you can even comment on the mix if you wish to do so.

Each of the mixes you find on the website is uploaded by someone. They might be active uploaders and if your taste matches theirs, then you have the option to follow them to stay in touch with the uploader or creator.

While playing a certain mix, it keeps playing in a nice little player at the bottom of your screen. This is something I liked and it is least intrusive for me. This player also reminds me of the website called “Grooveshark“, they have a very similar player placement on their site.

Music Player

Then we arrive at the part where you create your own playlists. This is what the website is famous for, playlist creation! Take your cursor on your profile picture and you will find a drop-down box. Click on the “Create mix” option to create your own mix by uploading music tracks from your computer or by importing from Soundcloud.

Create Mix

Creating a mix is very easy. All you have to do is give in a good name to your mix, a nice description, attractive album art and begin uploading your music tracks. You can definitely add more than 8 tracks! You also have the choice to import music directly from SoundCloud if you are an avid SoundCloud account holder with a lot of music on it.

If you do not want to upload music tracks, then you can look on the right sidebar, and you might be able to find some already uploaded music tracks which you can just drag and drop into your music mix.

Drag And Drop Into Your Playlist (Mix)

After you are done creating your playlist, you can simply publish it and share it with your friends. You do have an option to keep the playlist private.

Now, after learning how to use 8tracks.com we come to the end of this review. I hope you will create some beautiful music playlists for everybody to listen to.

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