Which Soundbar Is Best For You? Q Acoustics QTV3 vs Sonos PlayBar Review 2021

Soundbars are an essential part of a home cinema system and can be used independently as well. Soundbars mostly have 3.0 sonic results and can be upgraded to 3.1 or 5.1 by adding up the required speakers and home theatre devices. Today the two highly popular soundbars that this article is going to revolve around are the Q-TV3 Compact Stereo SoundBar by Q Acoustics and the Playbar from Sonos.

The Sonos Playbar is separately a 3.0 sound system with one central and two speakers on each side it can be synced perfectly with other Sonos players to achieve a 3.1 or 5.1 hi-fi home theatre system. With the Playbar you can access all the music on your computer or smartphone apps as well as connect it to your TV.

The Sonos Playbar is a high-quality device that will let you get rid of other home theatre systems and remote controls which tend to get lost every now and then. It has an optical input to connect with TVs so it can easily replace any television’s internal speakers. The Playbar is very slim, under 9cm and since it is specially designed to be placed on top or under your 42 inches or bigger television sets, it is 90cm wide.  It is a soft fabric grille and the rest is constructed from aluminum which gives it a smooth effect. It has a great built quality and an attractive outlook.

The user will have to install the Sonos app to sync their music and use a router or Sonos Bridge to connect the Playbar with the rest of the wireless Sonos system (only if required). Once installed, the Sonos app can be used to control the Playbar and the television set as well. It features six mid-range drivers and three tweeters. This drivers’ setup produces well-detailed and three-dimensional sound, music, and dialogues both are delivered with great clarity and finesse. Moreover, as Sonos system is multi-room which makes the Playbar hard to resist.

The Q-TV3 Compact Stereo SoundBar is designed to improve televisions’ audio quality. Without buying four to eight speakers and getting entangled in the meshwork of all the wires, it is an easy and affordable solution for home entertainment.

Q-TV3 Compact Stereo SoundBar boasts high-grade quality from a compact design and is reportedly the best value for money. Q-TV3 SoundBar has an integrated subwoofer for bass enhancement, four midrange drivers, and a couple of tweeters. This leaves the user with fewer wires to deal with. The soundbar has auto power options via signal sensing. Weighing 4kgs, it has a very compact design based on the award-winning 2000i Q Acoustics series. It features remote selectable audio EQ features including 3D stereo widening and bass enhancement to enable tailored surround sound according to the user’s room dimensions.

As Q-TV3 SoundBar is powered it is a completely self-sufficient home theatre system and can be directly connected with an HDTV or DVD player. It is compatible with all HDTVs and has an easy but tedious installation process. Q-TV3 Compact Stereo SoundBar also has better sonic performance than un-powered soundbars making it an ideal choice for those tight on the budget. The Q-TV3 Compact Stereo SoundBar has good sound results and is effective at steering sound. It is comprehensive and energetic for small enclosed spaces or rooms. For surround sound from a compact system the Q-TV3 SoundBar is a great bargain.

Which One To Buy?

In terms of quality and sound, the Sonos Playbar is self-sufficient to boost up a television’s audio even without an entire home theatre system but it does not come cheap. With modern looks, it delivers as promised and beats the Q-TV3 SoundBar by a fair margin.

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