XBA-C10 Rumoured Review 2022: Best Sony Earphones?

The most excellent Sony earbuds are generally associated with a high price tag. This one, on the other hand, is really reasonably priced. You are going to find out whether it is one of the finest Sony earphones or not by reading this review. Sony XBA-C10 is not costly at all, despite its lavish marketing campaigns, which include the use of Florrie Arnold, an English artist, to perform for its television commercial.

The first thing to remember is that the XBA-C10 is a Sony amateur release that is considered to be a more affordable version of the XBA-10. As much as we’d want to assume that the price reduction is just due to the absence of accessories that come with the XBA-C10, the truth is that there’s more to the story.


  • Clean sound, Light body and Comfortable shape.


  • Ordinary Design.
  • Bass quality could’ve been better.
  • Doesn’t handle distortion very well.

Editor Rating


Comfortable And Affordable In-Ear Headphones

Certain users of both earphones have said that the XBA-10 delivers a better sound than the C10, and there has been some debate over this. Other reviewers have said that the XBA-C10 has a cleaner sound when compared to another set of Sony earphones, the XBA-1. They have also claimed that the C10 is slightly more damped, but that this is not a significant difference. However, if simplicity is what you seek, this (white) design will satisfy your needs perfectly well. The design is compatible with the iPhone 5.

The XBA-body, C10’s which was assembled in Thailand, is flawless. They are ideally sized to fit within your ears, blocking off the rest of the world (not always the best thing though). It produces a clear sound in the upper and mid-range frequencies; you can hear all of the minute nuances that you would otherwise miss with other headphones, even those in a higher price range. You can listen to music for hours on end without your hearing becoming fatigued.

When it comes to loud music or a lot of distortion, it seems to be lacking in power, which might result in it turning into a noisy machine. The last thing you want from a locked in-ear headset is for it to be assaulting your ears with a strong stream of sound. Nonetheless, the sound is engaging, vibrant, and distinct from the sound produced by conventional earbuds. Those who like deep bass music, however, should avoid this one at all costs. I would suggest the Sony XBA-C10 for anyone who like listening to acoustic and vocal music. Despite the fact that it is not the greatest earphone Sony has to offer, it is unquestionably a good device when considering its price.

 The sound as a whole was clear and clean and just the correct amount of external noise was reduced when out and about. Using them while typing I had a zero noise keyboard. 

 It’s just amazing how Sony comes out with all these “UNIQUE” designs and yet provides one of the best IEMs for dance music. I wish I could just buy all the Sony IEMs and stack them on my desk. 

 Sony XBA-C10 has bright, high resolution, clarity and suitable for strings (guitar) and female’s vocal/singer. 

 I like it, it’s easy to handle and compact sound. It was good price’s above all affordable. 

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