XBA-C10 Rumoured Review 2022: Best Sony Earphones?

The best Sony earphones usually come with a fancy price tag. This one however is quite reasonably priced. Whether it is among the best Sony earphones or not, you are about to find out. Despite all its expensive promotions (using Florrie Arnold, an English musician, to perform for its ad), Sony XBA-C10 is not expensive at all.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that XBA-C10 is an amateur release by Sony and is considered a cheaper version of the XBA-10. As much as we like to believe the price cut is only due to the lack of accessories that come with the XBA-C10, there’s more to it.


  • Clean sound, Light body and Comfortable shape.


  • Ordinary Design.
  • Bass quality could’ve been better.
  • Doesn’t handle distortion very well.

Editor Rating


Comfortable And Affordable In-Ear Headphones

There have been a few claims by certain users of both earphones that XBA-10 produces a better sound than C10. Analysis from other reviewers claim the XBA-C10 to have a cleaner sound in comparison to another pair of Sony earphones; the XBA-1, they claim C10 to be slightly more damped but nothing that would make a noticeable difference. The overall (white) design isn’t all that fascinating, but if simplicity charms you, then it’ll do just fine! The look goes well with iPhone 5.

Assembled in Thailand, the body of XBA-C10 is perfect. They fit inside your ears perfectly, cutting off the world outside (not always the best thing though). It gives a clean sound at the top and mid-range; you get to hear all the smallest details that you probably wouldn’t notice on other headphones, even in the higher price category. You can listen to music for hours but the ears won’t tire.

It does seem to lack strength when it comes to loud music or lots of distortion, which might just turn into noise. The worst thing you would want in a locked in-ear headphone is to have loud noise piercing your ears. Nevertheless, the sound is enjoyable, lively, and not the same as that of regular earphones. But if you are a deep bass lover, this is NOT the one for you. I would recommend the Sony XBA-C10 for acoustic and vocal listening. It might not be the best earphone Sony has to offer, but for its price, it is definitely a reasonable product.

 The sound as a whole was clear and clean and just the correct amount of external noise was reduced when out and about. Using them while typing I had a zero noise keyboard. 

 It’s just amazing how Sony comes out with all these “UNIQUE” designs and yet provides one of the best IEMs for dance music. I wish I could just buy all the Sony IEMs and stack them on my desk. 

 Sony XBA-C10 has bright, high resolution, clarity and suitable for strings (guitar) and female’s vocal/singer. 

 I like it, it’s easy to handle and compact sound. It was good price’s above all affordable. 

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