Yamaha CPX1200II Review 2022: One Of The Best Acoustic Guitars?

The Yamaha CPX1200II is a choice made by extremely passionate and specific musicians. This is a very high-end electro-acoustic, but it is unquestionably one of the best acoustic guitars. Finding users and reviews for this product is extremely difficult, so we always recommend going to the nearest shop and trying it out for yourself.


  • High quality build,
  • Pleasant mellow acoustic sound,
  • Quality output when amplified,
  • Great looks


  • Nothing that we came across.
  • The price might be a bit high for some but, for such a marvel, it’s well worth it.

Editor Rating


Great Tone, Great Looks – High Priced But Well Worth The Title ‘Best Acoustic Guitar’

Despite its origins as an electro-acoustic, it now competes with the best acoustic guitars on the market. The Yamaha CPX1200II is very similar to its sibling model, the Yamaha APX1200II. The CPX1200II’s more traditional appearance and acoustic body are likely the only differences. Its full solid body resonance provides a good acoustic feel to the sound. The CPX1200II is the top model in the CPX series, with a pickup and SRT (Studio Response Technology) preamp system that was developed to give the output sound a rich feel in both live ‘open air’ playing and studio recording. To work up the magic of sound dynamics, a combination of SRT pickup was introduced, and the body was produced on a single plate. The SRT pickup employs imaging technology, which appears to have taken Yamaha two years to develop.

The CPX1200II is available in Vintage Sunburst and Translucent Black with a gloss finish – it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for most musicians (including myself! ), this is simply classy! This mini jumbo electro-acoustic guitar with brilliant dynamics is made from solid Rosewood and Mahogany wood binding. The large ebony tuners, elegant headstock, and diamond shape inlays on the sleek mahogany fretboard all contribute to the beauty of this guitar.

Among all Yamaha electro acoustic guitars, the CPX1200II’s studio-quality sound is highly regarded as a professional model. It has a warm tone and a versatile sound. It has a good amount of sustain and can be amplified to a reasonable level without degrading the sound quality. With such amazing sound, amazing body, classy looks, and versatility for both live and studio musicians, this is eye candy that speaks for itself! It’s a high-quality guitar with exceptional craftsmanship.

sent away for this on a hunch ,,,was never more satisfied,the plugged in sound is very organic like there is an expensive mic placed in front of the soundhole.the craftsmanship is also excellent ,for years i never even thought about yamaha guitars ,i’m a believer now.

Very nice!!! Yamaha has done well to come up with a fresh upgrade of the CPX model with a full solid version and upgraded classy look for those who are suckers for looks.

As for the SRT pickup system, it is also very good. Good quality pickup system and I believe the mic modelling is pretty unique compared to other acoustic pickup out there in the Market.

I bought one in November ’10 and have taken any and every opportunity to bang on about it here. Beautifully made with first class materials including gorgeous paduak and MOP inlay and with the market leading SRT pick/preamp system it’s an absolute bargain, and easily competes with US made guitars costing at least twice the price.

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