Yamaha Gigmaker Drum Kit Review: The Beginners’ Choice 2021

Yamaha’s series of entry-level drum kits are renowned as the ‘Gigmaker’. They are sold in five different shades; silver, burgundy, black, ice blue, and grape green which are all exclusive to the Yamaha Gigmaker.

The precise details include the built quality of the wrap and neat, low mass lugs are rare features available in entry-level drum kits. These lugs are also spring-less and effectively reduce unwanted noise. This is why Yamaha products stand out from the rest!


  • Impressive sound results.
  • Available with all the gear required to start drumming.
  • Good quality.


  • Needs fine tuning to get good results.
  • Might seem expensive to some.

Editor Rating


Impressive Kit For A Bargain Price

The Gigmaker drum kit includes the basic drums, three cymbals, and the relevant hardware including a drum stool, a full-sized ball, and a socket tom drums holder with double-braced stands. The newly added feature of wooden bass drum hoops also caught our eye for high-quality standards. Yamaha has successfully reduced the formaldehyde content from the kit which sometimes causes allergic reactions if present in high percentages.  Yamaha Gigmaker is available in the two standard 5 piece configurations, 20 Fusion, and 22 Rock.

The sound results of the Gigmaker are impressive. You can tune the bass and tom drums according to your music style preference.  At regular tunings the sounds are crisp and a bit polite with slow dynamics. With increased tension, the sounds become shaper and high-edged. Therefore you will need to fine-tune the toms to get the best out of them but some people might find this a bit challenging. Moreover, after getting a good practice of initial drumming, you will need to invest in better drum heads, especially for the bass drum. The Yamaha Gigmaker drum kit captures the essence of a good starter kit and still manages to stay within a budget price. It might seem pricey for some, but if you’re brand conscious and want a good quality Yamaha then this should do good.

The new Yamaha GigMaker drum set is exactly what any beginner or intermediate player would love to play.

Great value for the money, Yamaha makes top notch gear. Tuning stability is horrible, however. If your heads aren’t tuned super high, they will slip and the lugs won’t even be finger tight anymore.

The GigMaker has a lot of great new features to recommend it to beginners or anyone wanting Yamaha quality in an affordable set. Overall, the drums sound good and will only improve as the heads are eventually replaced.

“While experimenting with combinations of damping, some interesting sound variations came up.”

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