Yamaha Gigmaker Drum Kit Review: The Beginners’ Choice 2022

Yamaha’s ‘Gigmaker’ line of entry-level drum kits is well-known across the industry. These instruments are available in five various colour options: silver, burgundy, black, ice blue, and grape green, each of which is specific to the Yamaha Gigmaker.

It’s the little things, like as the wrap’s construction quality and the use of tidy, low-mass lugs, that set this drum kit apart from the competition. These lugs are also free of springs, which helps to significantly decrease unwanted noise. This is one of the reasons why Yamaha goods stand out from the competition!


  • Impressive sound results.
  • Available with all the gear required to start drumming.
  • Good quality.


  • Needs fine tuning to get good results.
  • Might seem expensive to some.

Editor Rating


Impressive Kit For A Bargain Price

The Gigmaker drum set comes with the fundamental drums, three cymbals, and all of the necessary gear, which includes a drum stool, a full-sized ball, and a socket tom drums holder with double-braced supports, among other things. The recently introduced feature of hardwood bass drum hoops drew our attention as well because of the high-quality standards it maintains. Yamaha has effectively decreased the formaldehyde level of the kit, which may trigger allergy responses in certain people if it is present in high concentrations in the air. Yamaha Gigmaker is available in two conventional 5-piece configurations: 20 Fusion and 22 Rock. Both configurations are available in a variety of colours.

The sound quality produced by the Gigmaker is outstanding. You may change the tuning of the bass and tom drums to suit your musical tastes. The sounds are clean and a little polite when tuned to a normal pitch, and the dynamics are sluggish. In response to increasing strain, the sounds grow more shapely and high-edged. Consequently, you will need to fine-tune the toms in order to get the most out of them, which may be difficult for some individuals. Furthermore, after you have a decent foundation of early drumming practise under your belt, you will need to invest in better drum heads, particularly for the bass drum. Despite the fact that it is priced within a budget, the Yamaha Gigmaker drum set preserves the spirit of a decent beginner kit while remaining inside that budget. It may seem to be expensive to some, but if you’re brand aware and looking for a high-quality Yamaha, this should be a fantastic choice.

The new Yamaha GigMaker drum set is exactly what any beginner or intermediate player would love to play.

Great value for the money, Yamaha makes top notch gear. Tuning stability is horrible, however. If your heads aren’t tuned super high, they will slip and the lugs won’t even be finger tight anymore.

The GigMaker has a lot of great new features to recommend it to beginners or anyone wanting Yamaha quality in an affordable set. Overall, the drums sound good and will only improve as the heads are eventually replaced.

“While experimenting with combinations of damping, some interesting sound variations came up.”

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