Yamaha’s Best Classical Guitar So Far? Yamaha CX40 Electro Review 2021

The best classical guitars always have a unique sound that players seek. Nylon String guitars tend to offer that touch. The Yamaha CX40 Electro Classical Guitar is the latest electro version of the classical Yamaha C40. Yamaha’s credibility speaks from the fact that it’s one of the largest selling manufacturers of musical instruments in the world and its products are used by everyone; be it a professional or a beginner.

The CX40 is a nylon string guitar with a traditional 52mm wide neck and decorated soundhole. The guitar features a Spruce top, Meranti back and sides, and a Mahogany or Nato neck. It also includes a rosewood fingerboard, with a 650mm scale length and 19 frets. The CX40 has a gloss finish and is manufactured at the high quality of Yamaha standards which ensure its durability and reliability. The amplification comes from the System 50 piezo pick-up which is placed under the bridge while the volume controller is at the upper edge of the guitar’s body.


  • Excellent results at an affordable rate.
  • Stays in tune.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Flat fretboard might pose problems for some users.

Editor Rating


Looking For A Classical Sounding Electro Acoustic Guitar?

Yamaha CX40 Electro Classical Guitar is suited to play jazz, blues, country, and soft rock. The nylon strings give you a great addition to your set of sounds. The fit and finish of the CX40 are very natural and more than satisfactory for the modest budget it is priced at. The high-quality wooden top, back, and sides as well as the fingerboard and bridges result in the production of rich tones and splendid soft notes.

Being a classical guitar its strings are widely spaced, allocating enough space for plucking them. The guitar tunes in perfectly and the tuning keys will not give you any complaints. However, unlike other acoustic guitars, the fingerboard for this guitar is flat and might present difficulties for children and adults with small hands.

The reputable Yamaha CX40 is an inexpensive piece with outstanding results. It is a great choice for learners and if mastered, the user will find it very convenient to switch to other guitar types later.

The Yamaha CX40 offers outstanding quality at a truly affordable price. Beginners and young learners alike will appreciate the level of quality found in this electro acoustic guitar.

The CX40 is outstanding value for money and a combination of exceptional playability, superb tone and a sound quality normally only associated with more expensive instruments.

Extremely pleased with the guitar. Excellent value for money with great tone and nice action. Thoroughly recommended for anyone interested in playing guitar.

This guitar has a lovely tone and it keeps its tuning well once the strings have settled down. I recommend this guitar, it is fantastic for the money.

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